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Articles I’ve been reading on the topic of smartphones:

Smartphones and children: unstoppable trend leaves parents with questions, fears – The age at which children are getting their own cellphone is getting younger by the year,” by Aaron Saltzman, CBC News

Toronto teacher blames smartphones for her badly-behaved students,” from CBC’s The Current

“Sherry Turkle: How to Keep Your iPhone from Destroying Your Relationships – The MIT expert weighs in on our worst technology sins,” by Morgan Lee, Christianity Today

Articles on the Dangers of Meditation: Round Up


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Here are some recently published articles on the dangers of meditation:

The dark side of meditation and mindfulness: Treatment can trigger mania, depression and psychosis, new book claims by Harriet Crawford, “The Daily Mail”

Meditation is touted as a cure for mental instability but can it actually be bad for you? by Dr. Miguel Farias, “The Independent”

Seven common myths about meditation,  by Catherine Wikholm, “The Guardian”

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Links to recent articles collected from the internet:

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newsHere are some recently collected articles on the subject of “Mindfulness Meditation” (click on the blue titles to read the original articles):

“Mindfulness, or the Mind of Christ?” Mindfulness meditation is in our schools, business seminars, and health centres. But where does it come from, what does it teach, and how does it stack up to biblical doctrine? By Dr. Joseph Boot from the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

Mindfulness Meditation in Public Schools: Side-Stepping Supreme Court Religion Rulings“: Since the 1960s, the United States Supreme Court has found it unconstitutional for public schools to teach religious practices such as prayer. But today, mindfulness meditation–a Buddhist religious practice similar to prayer–is promoted by schools nationwide. Why aren’t the courts intervening? See also “Mindfulness: Stealth Buddhist Strategy for Mainstreaming Meditation?” Both articles are from the Huffington Post, by Candy Gunther Brown, Ph. D., Professor of Religious Studies at Indiana University.

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Collected articles from around the internet (click on the blue titles to read the original articles):

Dictatorship of the Egalitarians: “Developments in the Canadian courts point to the idolatry of the culture… Analyse the law and education of any society and you have analysed the religious foundation of the culture.  Behind every social order, whosoever’s doctrines are propagated in the educational establishment, is the primary source of sovereignty and Lordship.  The source of law and truth is the sovereign of any culture and the de-facto god.   In the modern revolution against Christianity, this is no longer God and his Word, but the state.” – The Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity

Humanists put faith to test by giving schools free copies of atheist ‘bible’: “A free copy of a secularist text called The Young Atheist’s Handbook is being sent to every secondary school in England and Wales, in a drive to help teenagers live well without recourse to religion.” – The Independent

America’s Appalling Ignorance of Christianity: “Only in recent years have Evangelicals been portrayed as ignorant, backwoods bigots. Throughout much of the nation’s history, Evangelical beliefs — basic Judeo-Christian values — have been the prevailing morality and dominant belief system, worldview, of the American people.” – The American Spectator



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Here are some links to news in education this week (click on the blue titles to read or view the links):


10,000 Young Toddlers Are on Stimulant Drugs for ADHD: “How crazy is it to drug babies? It was shocking enough to discover that 20 percent of teenage boys get labelled as having ADHD, and 10 percent are on stimulant medications for it; that 11 percent of all kids aged 4-18 get the diagnosis of ADHD and 6 percent the drugs… Then it got worse…The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention has just estimated that 10,000 U.S. toddlers, aged 2-3, are being given stimulant drugs for behaviors that have been mislabeled as ADHD.” – Huffington Post

Has transgender policy gone too far? (video): “Education policy in British Columbia challenges parents by ending segregated gender activities.” – Sun News

Teachers cannot opt out of teaching gay ‘marriage’ in school sex-ed classes: Scottish NHS – “While Scottish government draft guidelines currently allow teachers with moral objections to opt-out of certain aspects of the country’s new sex-ed curriculum, several National Health Service boards have objected to the opt-out clause. They are also objecting to provisions allowing parents to opt their children out of the classes.” – LifeSite News

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Here’s what’s making news in education (click on the blue titles to read):

Muslims must accept Britain’s Christian values, says former Home Secretary: “Muslims must accept that Britain is built on Christian values, a former Home Secretary has said, in the wake of mounting evidence that a group of schools have been taken over in a ‘Trojan Horse’ plot by radical Islamists.” Telegraph

La Gov: religious war against Christians in US: “Elitist intellectuals and liberals are waging a religious war against Christians, trying to silence them, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal told graduates of Liberty University on Saturday.” Washington Post

Inspiring Education? Really? Or is this all about the Progressive Conservatives forcing teachers to conform? Teachers in Alberta may be forced by the government to change to a constructivist model of teaching in order to retain their certification. “What teachers do must shift from the dissemination of information and recall of facts to a greater focus on inquiry and discovery…” Edmonton Journal