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newsHere are some recently collected articles on the subject of “Mindfulness Meditation” (click on the blue titles to read the original articles):

“Mindfulness, or the Mind of Christ?” Mindfulness meditation is in our schools, business seminars, and health centres. But where does it come from, what does it teach, and how does it stack up to biblical doctrine? By Dr. Joseph Boot from the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity.

Mindfulness Meditation in Public Schools: Side-Stepping Supreme Court Religion Rulings“: Since the 1960s, the United States Supreme Court has found it unconstitutional for public schools to teach religious practices such as prayer. But today, mindfulness meditation–a Buddhist religious practice similar to prayer–is promoted by schools nationwide. Why aren’t the courts intervening? See also “Mindfulness: Stealth Buddhist Strategy for Mainstreaming Meditation?” Both articles are from the Huffington Post, by Candy Gunther Brown, Ph. D., Professor of Religious Studies at Indiana University.


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