Pebble Toss: Pragmatism


(to find out what a “Pebble Toss” is, please click here to read an explanation)

Today’s “Pebble Toss” is on the theme of the dangers of pragmatism, both in education and in the church.

Here are 3 quotes:


“Whenever success is made the motive of service infidelity to our Lord is the inevitable result.” Oswald Chambers

“Wherever pragmatism exists in the church, there is always a corresponding de-emphasis on Christ’s sufficiency, God’s sovereignty, biblical integrity, the power of prayer, and Spirit-led ministries. The result is a man-centered ministry that attempts to accomplish divine purposes by superficial programs and human methodology rather than by the Word or the power of the Spirit.” John MacArthur

“Right here is where the pragmatic philosophy comes into its own.  It asks no embarrassing questions about the wisdom of what we are doing or even about the morality of it. It accepts our chosen ends as right and good and casts about for efficient means and ways to get them accomplished.  When it discovers something that works it soon finds a text to justify it, “consecrates” it to the Lord and plunges ahead…  The method works; ergo, it must be good…. What shall we do to break its power over us? The answer is simple. We must acknowledge the right of Jesus Christ to control the activities of His church.” A. W. Tozer


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