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Collected articles from around the internet (click on the blue titles to read the original articles):

Dictatorship of the Egalitarians: “Developments in the Canadian courts point to the idolatry of the culture… Analyse the law and education of any society and you have analysed the religious foundation of the culture.  Behind every social order, whosoever’s doctrines are propagated in the educational establishment, is the primary source of sovereignty and Lordship.  The source of law and truth is the sovereign of any culture and the de-facto god.   In the modern revolution against Christianity, this is no longer God and his Word, but the state.” – The Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity

Humanists put faith to test by giving schools free copies of atheist ‘bible’: “A free copy of a secularist text called The Young Atheist’s Handbook is being sent to every secondary school in England and Wales, in a drive to help teenagers live well without recourse to religion.” – The Independent

America’s Appalling Ignorance of Christianity: “Only in recent years have Evangelicals been portrayed as ignorant, backwoods bigots. Throughout much of the nation’s history, Evangelical beliefs — basic Judeo-Christian values — have been the prevailing morality and dominant belief system, worldview, of the American people.” – The American Spectator



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